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Dream Lab Productions was thrilled to help Regeneron Pharmaceuticals celebrate the holidays by providing LED video walls, an EDM dance club worthy light show, a thunderous sound system and all of the trussing and rigging to support it. This was one of multiple locations for the holiday party, and was built to provide a high energy dance club experience. 

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Live Audio Production

With years of industry excellence, we can make you sound good no matter what.

Live Video Production

Cameras, LED walls, projectors, virtual sets, and more. We can make sure your show has great visual impact.


Let the World see you We provide beautiful lighting for all settings.


High quality, well maintained instruments and amplifiers.


Teach the World

Web Streaming

Show the world who you are securely and with customized content integration

Video Conferencing

Connect with the World with a full featured remote event studio we can bring guests from all over the world to your production.

Laser Shows

High impact beams of light to take your shows to the next level.


Dream Lab Productions

We know right now is a tough time to be communicating to large groups, which is why we want to help you reach the people that make your business tick.  At Dream Lab Productions, we offer a range of solutions for communicating via the internet ranging from connecting 2 people, to 2 million…

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